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The Bride, the Groom and the Ambulance

When we think of love, there are many examples we can conjure up. History has provided many great examples :  Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, John and Abigail Adams Diego Rivera and Frida  Kahlo,  or Johnny Cash and June Carter ,  However, one example of love has been lost to history — a story for the  ages,  in fact. The idea of the runaway bride is a trope often seen in modern movies, but nearly 120 years  ago,  North Bergen was the backdrop of a love that could not be tamed.   It had everything you  needed  for a classic romance story: forbidding parents, a young couple in love, a dramatic plan to marry, even a daring escape. The  stories  of Mary Kronberg and Julius Braun may not be Romeo and Juliet, but they are both cut from the same cloth. How dramatic can love make us? For Mary Kronberg and Julius Braun, the answer is very. Young Mary, 17, and the Kronberg family live on 48 Main Street in North Bergen, a street that no longer exists today, but would be 25th Street if it did. In her

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